Capture Audio step


The "Capture Audio" step is designed to record audio from a specified voice channel.


  • Channel: The voice channel from which audio will be captured. This is a required field to specify the target channel for recording.

  • Mode: Select the recording mode based on your needs. Options include:

    • 1: Listen for a specified duration.

    • 2: Listen until there is no sound for a specified time, allowing for dynamic recording lengths based on audio activity.

  • Duration: (Required for Mode 1) Define how long to listen and record in the channel.

  • Input Timeout: (Required for Mode 2) Specify the silence duration to wait before stopping the recording, useful for dynamic end-of-recording detection.

  • Maximum Duration: (Required for Mode 2) Set the maximum recording time to prevent excessively long recordings.


  • File: The output variable that contains the recorded audio file. This file represents the captured audio content, ready for playback, analysis, or further processing.


  • Connect: Permission is required to connect to a voice channel and capture audio.

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