Map List Items step


This step transforms items in a list according to a specified schema, creating a new list with the mapped items.


Allows for processing each item in an input list, applying a transformation based on specified schema, and producing a new list of items with the transformed values.


  1. List: Select the list variable whose items you want to map. This is a required field.

  2. Schema: Define the schema representing the type of items that will be returned in the new list from this step. This schema determines the structure and type of the transformed items. This is a required field.

  3. Value: Input the transformation to be applied to each item in the list. This value must conform to the schema defined earlier. You can access the current item being transformed using Steps > Map list items (name of the current step) > Item.


  • List: The output list containing transformed items. Each item in this list conforms to the specified schema.


Ideal for data manipulation within lists, such as converting data formats or restructuring list items for further processing.

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