Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Flexybot?

Flexybot is a web tool that enables you to create custom bots without requiring coding knowledge. Every step in the bot creation process is fully customizable to suit your needs.

How does it work?

It's simple. First, select a trigger. Triggers initiate automations based on events such as messages being sent, new members joining your server, slash commands, and more. Next, define the actions to take when the trigger fires, such as checking conditions, sending messages, generating AI responses, and other options. Finally, activate the trigger to start the automation. For instance, if you chose "Message created" as the trigger, you can send a message to activate it.

What is early access?

Early access is a phase where our software is available to the public for testing. During this period, we aim to identify and resolve significant bugs and issues with the software. Additionally, we assess the performance of our software under heavy usage and seek feedback to enhance its usability and optimize its functionality.

How will the pricing work?

While we are still finalizing the pricing structure, our current plan is to offer free option for small servers with minimal usage (like we do now). The plans will follow token and memory usage, ensuring that costs align with system load.

What are tokens?

Tokens act as a usage "currency" within our system. The more complex and resource-intensive your automations are, the more tokens will be consumed. There is a rate limit of how many tokens can be consumed per minute. If you reach the rate limit, your automations will stop functioning until the rate limit resets (up to a minute). Number of tokens will be determined based on selected plan.

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