Set Member Deafen step


This step is used to either deafen or undeafen a member in a voice channel within a guild.


  1. Guild: The guild where the deafen or undeafen action will take place. This field is required to specify the server context for the action.

  2. User: The user to be deafened or undeafened. This field is necessary to identify the member affected by this step.

  3. Deafen: Choose whether to deafen or undeafen the member.

    • If set to true, the member will be deafened (unable to hear others in the voice channel).

    • If set to false, the member will be undeafened (able to hear others in the voice channel). This is a required boolean field.


Ideal for managing audio experiences in voice channels, such as muting members during presentations, ensuring focus, or moderating discussions.


  • Requires the "Deafen Members" permission, which allows for controlling the audio status of members in voice channels.

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