If Else step


The "If Else" step introduces conditional logic into your automations, allowing you to execute different sequences of steps based on specified conditions. This functionality is pivotal for creating dynamic flows that can adapt based on variables or specific scenarios within your automation.


  • Conditions: Define the conditions that determine which path the automation will take. The conditions are evaluated based on the data available at the time of execution. If the conditions are met, the first subpath is executed; if not, the second subpath is taken.


This step includes two subpaths:

  1. If Subpath: Executed when the conditions specified in the configuration are met.

  2. Else Subpath: Executed when the conditions are not met.


  • Sending different messages or responses based on user input or actions.

  • Executing different tasks based on the results of previous steps, such as API calls or data processing outcomes.

  • Managing flow control in complex automations, allowing for branching paths that accommodate a wide range of scenarios.

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