Show Modal step


This step displays a modal with a single input field as a response to a user interaction in Discord, such as a command or button press.


Useful for collecting a short text or a paragraph from users within a modal dialog box.


  1. Interaction: The interaction that triggers the modal. Modals can only be displayed in response to an interaction. This is required.

  2. Title: Set the title of the modal. Length must be between 1 and 45 characters. Required.

  3. Input: Define the input field. It includes:

    • Style: Choose between "Short" for a single-line input or "Paragraph" for a multi-line text area.

    • Label: The label for the input field. Length must be between 1 and 45 characters. Required.

    • Placeholder: (Optional) A placeholder text in the input field. Maximum 100 characters.

    • Minimum Length: (Optional) The minimum number of characters required. Up to 4000.

    • Maximum Length: (Optional) The maximum number of characters allowed. Up to 4000.

  4. Timeout: Set how long to wait for user input before timing out. Range is 5000 milliseconds to 15 minutes. This dictates how long the modal waits for user interaction before continuing or stopping the automation.

  5. Fail on Timeout: Choose whether the automation should stop if the step times out. If enabled, the automation stops on timeout; if disabled, it continues without the interaction and input value.


  • Interaction: The modal interaction object. Null in case of a timeout.

  • Input Value: The user's input in the modal. Null in case of a timeout.

  • Timeout: Indicates whether a timeout occurred.


Ideal for scenarios requiring user input, such as gathering feedback, asking questions, or collecting data in an interactive format.


  • No specific permissions are required for this step.

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