Add Currency step


The "Add Currency" step is designed to increment a user's virtual currency. This step can be part of a reward system, game mechanics, or any feature that involves currency or point tracking.


  • Guild: The Discord guild where the currency will be added. This parameter is optional, allowing for flexibility in having a guild-specific currency system or a global one.

  • User: Select the user who will receive the currency. This field is required to specify the recipient of the added currency.

  • Value: The amount of currency to add to the user's balance. This must be a non-negative number, ensuring that the step accurately reflects the intention to increase the user's currency.


This step is versatile and can be utilized in various contexts, such as:

  • Rewarding users for participation in events, contests, or community engagement activities.

  • Implementing a points system within a server, where users accumulate currency for actions taken or milestones achieved.

  • Enhancing gaming or interactive bots with virtual economies, allowing users to earn, spend, and manage virtual currency.

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