Create Entry step


This step is designed to create a new entry in a specified database within FlexyBot.


Enables you to add an entry to a custom database, with the entry structure adhering to the schema of the selected database.


  1. Database: Select the database in which to create the new entry. This field is required.

  2. Value: Input the value for the new entry. The format and structure of this input depend on the schema of the chosen database. This input field dynamically adjusts to match the database's schema.


  • Entry: The newly created database entry. The entry includes:

    • ID: A unique identifier for the entry.

    • Value: The data for this entry, structured according to the database's schema.

    • Created At: The timestamp of when the entry was created.

    • Updated At: The timestamp of the last update to the entry.


Useful for storing and managing custom data within a database, such as logging user interactions, storing settings, or any other data tracking needs.

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