Send a message every hour

Video tutorial is available:

Create a new automation and select Schedule as trigger:

  • Select Recurring as Mode.

  • Enter 0 0 * ? * * * as Expression. This is called a CRON expression. This particular expression means that it will run at 0 seconds and 0 minutes of every (*) hour on every (?) day of month, every (*) month, on every (*) day of week, every (*) year. You can use a tool to help you build an expression for your needs:

  • Select your timezone as Timezone.

Now add a step by clicking on + button and select Send message step.

  • Select a Channel that should receive the message.

  • Enter message Content.

Now click on Create to create the automation.

If you want to test it without waiting for the next hour you can also set the expression to 0 * * ? * * * to send it every minute. Or */30 * * ? * * * to send it every 30 seconds.

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