Date Calculator step


This step performs date calculations, such as adding or subtracting time units from a specified date.


Allows adding or subtracting days, hours, minutes, and other time units to or from a given date, adjusting according to a specified time zone.


  1. Date: Set the initial date for the calculation. This is a required field.

  2. Time Zone: Choose the time zone for the date calculation. This is required to ensure accurate time adjustments.

  3. Operations: Define the operations to be performed on the date. Each operation must include:

    • Type: Choose "Add" or "Subtract".

    • Unit: Select the unit of time (e.g., years, months, days, hours).

    • Amount: Specify the amount of the chosen unit to add or subtract. You can specify up to 20 operations.


  • Result: The resulting date after all calculations are applied.


Useful for scenarios requiring dynamic date manipulations, such as scheduling future events or calculating deadlines.

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