Make Chat Completion step


The "Make Chat Completion" step enables automations to generate text responses using OpenAI's language model, such as GPT-3.5. This step is particularly useful for creating chatbots, automated customer service responses, or any application requiring natural language generation.


  • API Token: A required field for the API token to access OpenAI's services. This token should have the necessary permissions for generating chat completions.

  • Model: Specifies the model to be used for the chat completion. The default model is "gpt-3.5-turbo", but OpenAI provides a range of models suitable for various tasks and languages. You can find a list of models and their capabilities on OpenAI's documentation site.

  • Instructions: Optional instructions to guide the model's behavior, tone, and response style. This can help tailor the chatbot's responses to your specific needs or the context of the conversation.

  • Messages: Each message object includes a "role" (either "assistant" or "user") and the "content" of the message. You can include message history here as well to give the model more context.

  • Max Tokens: The maximum number of tokens the model can generate for the completion. This limits the length of the generated response and can be adjusted based on the desired verbosity or conciseness of the reply.


  • Message: The generated message from the chat model. This output is the model's response based on the provided conversation history and instructions.


This step can be integrated into automations for various purposes, from enhancing customer support with automated replies to generating content or engaging in simulated dialogues. By leveraging OpenAI's powerful language models, you can create rich, context-aware interactions that enhance user experiences across a wide range of applications.

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