Remove Currency step


The "Remove Currency" step is designed to decrement a user's virtual currency. This functionality is pivotal for managing currency systems, such as deducting points for purchases or penalizing users within a game or reward system.


  • Guild: Optionally specify the Discord guild from which the currency will be deducted. This parameter allows for the flexibility to operate across different guilds if the currency system is not restricted to a single guild.

  • User: Identify the user from whom the currency will be removed. This field is required to ensure that the currency adjustment targets the correct individual's balance.

  • Value: The amount of currency to be deducted from the user's balance. This must be a non-negative number to ensure the operation logically represents a deduction.


This step is versatile and can be utilized in various contexts, such as:

  • Processing purchases or transactions within a virtual store or economy system, where users spend currency to acquire items or services.

  • Penalizing users by deducting points or currency as part of a game mechanic or for moderation purposes.

  • Adjusting currency balances as part of promotional activities, refunds, or corrections.

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