Set Channel Role Permission Overrides step


This step is utilized to set permission overrides for a specific role within a particular channel.


Modifies channel-specific permissions for an entire role, impacting all members who have that role. It allows for granular control over what actions a role can perform in a given channel.


  1. Channel: Select the channel where the permission overrides will be applied. This is a required field.

  2. Role: Choose the role for which you want to set permission overrides. This is a required field.

  3. Overrides: Define the permission overrides for the role. Each override includes:

    • Permission: Select the specific permission to override, choosing from those applicable to channels.

    • Status: Decide whether to "Allow" or "Deny" the selected permission. Note: Setting these overrides will remove any existing ones for these permissions, so include all permissions you wish to override. If this list is empty, the existing override for the role will be removed.


Ideal for managing and customizing channel access and permissions for roles, such as restricting or granting certain abilities to a group of members within a specific channel.


  • Requires the "Manage Permissions" permission to set channel-specific permission overrides for roles.

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