Create Database step


This step facilitates the creation of a custom database within FlexyBot, allowing for the storage and organization of data as per user-defined schemas. This step is used mostly for template setups. If you are not creating a template you can create a database in the Databases section on the side menu.


Enables defining and createing a database with specified schema, which can include various data types and nested structures.


  1. Name: Name the database. Must be 1-40 characters long. This is a required field.

  2. Description: (Optional) Provide a description for the database. Up to 500 characters.

  3. Schema: Define the schema of the database. The schema is user-defined and can include various data types, nested objects, lists, etc. You can generate it using an example JSON document.

If a database with the same name already exists and it has the same schema, the output will be the existing database. If the existing database has a different schema, an error will be thrown.


  • Database: The created database object, which includes:

    • Name: The name of the database as defined in the configuration.

    • Schema: The specified schema structure for the database.


Creating databases in template setup automation.

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