Set Member Mute step


This step allows you to mute or unmute a member in a voice channel within a guild.


  1. Guild: The guild in which the mute or unmute action will be applied. This field specifies the server context for the action.

  2. User: The user who will be muted or unmuted. This identification is crucial to ensure the correct member is targeted by the step.

  3. Mute: Set this to control the mute status of the member.

    • If set to true, the member will be muted (prevented from speaking in the voice channel).

    • If set to false, the member will be unmuted (allowed to speak in the voice channel). This is a required boolean field.


Essential for voice channel moderation, such as silencing disruptive participants, managing speaking order during meetings, or ensuring clear communication in events.


  • Requires the "Mute Members" permission to mute or unmute members in voice channels.

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