Get Entries step


The "Get Entries" step is designed to retrieve a list of entries from a specified database in FlexyBot. It allows for filtering, sorting, and limiting the entries fetched based on specific criteria.


  1. Database: Choose the database from which to retrieve entries. This is a required field.

  2. Limit: Specify the maximum number of entries to retrieve. The range is from 1 to 200, with a default setting of 10.

  3. Skip: Determine the number of entries to skip before starting retrieval. This helps in pagination and is set to a default of 0.

  4. Filter: Apply filters to the entries based on the database's schema. This allows for targeted retrieval of data, adhering to specified criteria.

  5. Sort: Sort the retrieved entries based on specified fields and directions (ascending or descending). This feature can sort up to 5 fields, providing enhanced control over the order of the fetched data.


  • Entries: Returns a list of database entries that match the specified filters. Each entry conforms to the database's schema and includes details such as entry ID, value, and timestamps.


This step is particularly useful for extracting specific data from databases, such as fetching recent entries, filtering by particular criteria and sorting results for analysis.

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