Set Presence step


This step allows custom bots to set their online status and display a custom activity, enhancing their presence within Discord.


Customize the bot's online status and activity, such as showing it as playing a game, listening to music, or streaming content. This feature is exclusive to custom bots.


  1. Status: Choose the bot's online status. Options include Online, Offline, Idle, Do Not Disturb, and Invisible.

  2. Activity: Set the bot's current activity. This includes:

    • Type: Type of activity (e.g., Playing, Streaming, Listening, Competing).

    • Name: Name of the activity (1-128 characters).

    • URL: (Optional) URL for streaming activities. Required to display the activity as Streaming.


Ideal for indicating the bot's current activity or status on Discord, providing an interactive and dynamic presence.


  • No specific permissions are required for this step.

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