Make Image Overlay step


The "Make image overlay" step allows you to modify images by overlaying text or additional images onto a base image.


  • Background:

    • Image: Choose the background image onto which overlays will be applied. This parameter is mandatory.

  • Overlays: Specify the overlays to be added onto the background image. This parameter is mandatory and supports a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 20 overlays. Each overlay can be either text or another image.

    For text overlays:

    • Content: Enter the text content to be displayed.

    • Font: Choose a font.

    • Text color: Choose the color of the text.

    • Text size: Set the font size (in points) of the text.

    • Position: Define the position (in pixels) of the text overlay on the image, specifying the X and Y coordinates.

    • Size: Determine the dimensions (in pixels) of the text container.

    • Alignment: Align the text horizontally and vertically within its container.

    • Stroke: Optionally choose stroke color and width.

    For image overlays:

    • Image: Upload the image file to be overlaid onto the background.

    • Position: Specify the position (in pixels) of the image overlay on the background image by defining the X and Y coordinates.

    • Size: Set the dimensions (width and height in pixels) of the image overlay.

    • Corner radius: Optionally, specify the corner radius for the image overlay.


  • Image: Receive the modified image file with all overlays applied. This output enables you to utilize the edited image in subsequent steps of your automation process.

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