Message Button Clicked trigger


The "Message Button Clicked" trigger activates when a user clicks a button attached to a bot message in Discord. It's designed for creating interactive bot responses and actions based on user interactions with message buttons.


  • Button ID: Specify the unique identifier for the button that, when clicked, will trigger the automation. This field is required to distinguish between different buttons and their associated actions.


  1. Button ID: The unique identifier of the clicked button. This can be used to perform specific actions based on which button was clicked.

  2. Message: The message to which the clicked button was attached. This allows for actions or responses related to the original message content.

  3. Interaction: The button click interaction. You can use it to make replies.


This trigger is ideal for creating dynamic, interactive content where user responses to specific buttons can initiate different actions or workflows. Examples include:

  • Polling and voting mechanisms where each button represents a different option.

  • Interactive guides or help menus where users can navigate through options by clicking buttons.

  • Feedback collection where buttons can represent different feedback reactions.

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