Text To Speech step


The "Text to Speech" step utilizes OpenAI's advanced text-to-speech (TTS) technology to convert text into lifelike spoken audio. This step is invaluable for creating spoken word content from written text, enabling automated voice announcements, etc.


  • API Token: Your OpenAI API token, essential for accessing the text-to-speech service. This token must be valid and possess the necessary permissions to use the TTS feature.

  • Model: The specific TTS model to use for converting text into speech. By default, this is set to "tts-1", but OpenAI may offer various models with different voices, accents, or languages.

  • Voice: The voice identifier to be used for generating the speech. The default is set to "alloy", reflecting a particular voice style or character available within the chosen model.

  • Input: The textual content you wish to convert into speech.


  • File: An audio file output variable containing the generated speech. This file can be integrated into further steps of your automation, used for playback in various contexts, for example with Play Audio step

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