Set Channel Member Permission Overrides step


This step sets new permission overrides for a specified member in a given channel.


Allows for customizing channel-specific permissions for individual members, effectively altering their capabilities in that channel.


  1. Channel: Choose the channel for which the permission override will be set. This is a required field.

  2. Member: Select the member whose permissions will be overridden. This is a required field.

  3. Overrides: Define the permission overrides. Each override includes:

    • Permission: Choose the specific permission to override. Options are filtered to those relevant to channels.

    • Status: Set the override status as "Allow" or "Deny". Note: Specifying overrides will remove existing ones for these permissions, so include all permissions you wish to override. If the list is empty, the existing override will be removed.


Useful for managing access and actions of members in specific channels, such as allowing a member to send messages in a normally read-only channel or restricting a member from viewing a particular channel.


  • Requires both "Manage Channels" and "Manage Permissions" permissions to set permission overrides in a guild channel.

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