Wait For Button Interaction step


The "Wait for Button Interaction" step pauses an automation to await user interaction with a button within a specific message. This step is crucial for creating interactive and dynamic workflows within Discord, allowing for user input to dictate the flow of automation based on their choices.


  • Message: Specifies the message containing the buttons for interaction. This field is required to direct the automation to monitor the correct message for user clicks.

  • Timeout: Sets the duration the automation will wait for a button interaction before timing out. This parameter ensures the automation does not wait indefinitely for a response, allowing it to proceed based on user interaction (or lack thereof).


This step dynamically generates subpaths based on the buttons defined within the targeted message:

  • Each button in the message creates its own subpath. These subpaths allow the automation to branch off based on which button the user clicks, making it possible to tailor the automation's response to each specific user action.

  • A special "timeout" subpath is also available, executed when no button interaction occurs within the specified timeout period. This subpath allows for handling cases where the user does not respond.

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