While Loop step


The "While-Loop" step in FlexyBot introduces a powerful control structure, enabling the execution of a set of steps repeatedly, as long as specified conditions are met.


This step creates a loop that continuously executes a sequence of steps until the defined conditions are no longer true. It is a dynamic and versatile tool for automating repetitive tasks or processes within your bot's workflow.


  1. Conditions: Define the conditions that control the loop. The loop will continue executing its steps as long as these conditions are true. Setting precise conditions is crucial for the effective functioning of the loop. This is a required field.

  2. Steps: Specify the steps that will be executed in each iteration of the loop. These steps can range from simple actions to complex sequences, depending on the requirements of your automation.


  • Ideal for scenarios where repeated actions are necessary until a certain criterion is met.

This step makes it easy to create an infinite loop. Make sure that the conditions will eventually be false to prevent infinite loops so you don't reach rate limit.

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