Set Currency step


The "Set Currency" step is designed to directly set a user's virtual currency balance to a specific amount.


  • Guild: Optionally specify the Discord guild in which the user's currency balance will be set. This allows the step to target users across different guilds, providing flexibility for global or multi-guild currency systems.

  • User: Identify the user whose currency balance will be adjusted. This field is mandatory to ensure the operation affects the correct individual's currency account.

  • Value: The exact amount to set the user's currency balance to. This value must be specified and dictates the new balance of the user's currency.


This step can be employed in a variety of scenarios, including:

  • Resetting or initializing a user's currency balance when they join a server or participate in a new event.

  • Adjusting balances as part of administrative actions, such as rewards distribution, penalties, or balance corrections.

  • Implementing features that require setting currency to a specific value based on user actions or achievements.

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