Get Posts step


The "Get Posts" step allows automations to fetch posts from a specified subreddit on Reddit. This step can be configured to retrieve posts based on different sorting criteria, such as hot, top, new, rising, or controversial, providing flexibility in content curation and interaction.


  • Connection: Select the Reddit connection to be used for making requests to Reddit API. More details about Connections

  • Subreddit: The name of the subreddit from which to fetch posts. Must be a valid subreddit name.

  • Sorting: The type of sorting for posts to fetch. Options include "hot", "top", "new", "rising", and "controversial".

  • Before: Optionally specify the fullname of an item in the listing to fetch posts before it. Useful for pagination.

  • After: Optionally specify the fullname of an item in the listing to fetch posts after it. This is used for pagination and overrides "Before" if both are specified.

  • Limit: The number of posts to fetch. Must be between 1 and 50, with a default of 20.

  • Skip: The number of posts to skip. Useful for pagination with a default of 0.


  • Posts: A list of posts fetched from the specified subreddit. Each post includes:

    • ID: The unique identifier of the post.

    • Title: The title of the post.

    • Self Text: The text content of the post, if any.

    • Subreddit: The subreddit in which the post was made.

    • URL: The URL of the post.

    • Permalink: The permalink to the post.

    • Score: The score of the post.

    • Upvotes: The number of upvotes the post has received.

    • Downvotes: The number of downvotes the post has received.

    • Upvote Ratio: The ratio of upvotes to total votes.

    • Comment Count: The number of comments on the post.

    • Is Self: Whether the post is a self-post (text) or a link/image post.

    • Stickied: Whether the post is stickied.

    • Pinned: Whether the post is pinned.

    • Over 18: Whether the post is marked as NSFW (not safe for work).

    • Spoiler: Whether the post is marked as containing spoilers.

    • Locked: Whether the post is locked.

    • Thumbnail URL: The URL of the post's thumbnail, if any.

    • Created At: The creation time of the post.


This step is ideal for automations that involve monitoring subreddit activity, curating content, or engaging with communities by fetching and processing Reddit posts. By configuring the step with specific criteria, bots can provide timely updates, insights, and interactions based on subreddit content, enhancing the value they bring to Discord servers or other platforms.

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