Get List Item step


The "Get List Item" step in FlexyBot allows you to retrieve a specific item from a list variable based on its index position. This step is essential for accessing and manipulating individual elements within a list.


  1. List: Select the list variable from which an item will be retrieved. Ensure the chosen variable is of a list type. This is a required field.

  2. Index: Specify the zero-based index of the item you want to retrieve from the list. The index must be a non-negative integer. This is a required field.


  • Item: The output variable that represents the item from the list at the specified index. The type of 'Item' matches the type of elements within the list. If the index is out of range (greater than the list's length), the 'Item' output will be null/empty.


  • Ideal for processes requiring access to specific items in a list, such as retrieving particular data entries, processing individual elements, or navigating through ordered collections.

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