Timeout Member step


This step allows you to temporarily restrict a member's ability to interact within a guild by applying a timeout.


Timeout prevents the affected user from sending messages, reacting to messages, and joining voice channels or video calls for the duration of the timeout.


  1. Guild: The guild in which the user will be placed in timeout. This field is required to specify the context where the action will take effect.

  2. User: The user to be timed out. This field is required to identify the member who will receive the restriction.

  3. Reason: (Optional) Specify the reason for the timeout. The reason can be up to 512 characters long.

  4. Duration: Set the length of the timeout. The duration must be between 0 milliseconds (no timeout) and 28 days (28 * 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000 milliseconds). This is a required field.


Effective for managing member behavior in a guild, particularly for enforcing rules or addressing disruptive conduct without permanent removal.


  • Requires the "Timeout Members" permission to impose a timeout on members.

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