Wait For Select Menu Interaction step


The "Wait for Select Menu Interaction" step is designed to halt the execution of an automation until a user interacts with a select menu within a specified message. This step enables the creation of interactive and engaging workflows that require user input from dropdown menus, making it possible to collect preferences, make selections, or guide the flow of automation based on user choices.


  • Message: Specifies the message containing the select menu for interaction. This field is required to ensure the automation monitors the correct message for user selections.

  • Timeout: Sets how long the automation will wait for a select menu interaction before timing out. This parameter helps prevent indefinite waiting for user interaction, allowing the automation to proceed based on the presence or absence of user input.


This step dynamically generates subpaths based on the select menus defined within the targeted message:

  • Each select menu in the message creates its own subpath. These subpaths allow the automation to branch off based on the user's selection, enabling tailored responses to each specific user action.

  • A special "timeout" subpath is available for execution when no select menu interaction occurs within the specified timeout period. This path allows handling cases where the user does not respond, enabling the automation to take appropriate action, such as sending a follow-up message.

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