Reply to Message step


This step enables the bot to reply directly to a specific message within a guild's channel or private channel (custom bots).


  1. Message: Choose the message to which the bot will reply. This is a required field.

  2. Content: Enter the content of the reply. The content must be at least 1 character and can be up to the maximum length allowed for messages in Discord. It supports multiline text. This is a required field.

  3. Embeds:

    1. Title: Set the title of the embed. Length must be between 1 and the maximum title length allowed by Discord. Supports multiline text.

    2. URL: (Optional) A URL to be associated with the title.

    3. Description: (Optional) Detailed description for the embed. Maximum length allowed by Discord. Supports multiline text.

    4. Color: (Optional) Choose a color for the embed.

    5. Author: (Optional) Include author information with optional name, URL, and icon URL.

    6. Thumbnail URL: (Optional) URL of the thumbnail image to be displayed in the embed.

    7. Image URL: (Optional) URL of the image to be included in the embed.

    8. Timestamp: (Optional) Add a timestamp to the embed.

    9. Footer: (Optional) Include footer text and an optional icon URL.

    10. Fields: (Optional) Add up to 25 fields, each with a name, value, and option to display inline.

  4. Attachments: A list of files to be attached to the message. Each attachment can have a description.

  5. Action Rows: A list of action rows for adding interactive components to the message. These can include:

    1. Buttons: List of buttons with customizable styles, URLs, labels, and emojis.

      1. Style: Determines the appearance of the button. Options include:

        1. Primary: A blue button, typically used for primary actions.

        2. Secondary: A grey button, used for secondary actions.

        3. Success: A green button, indicating a successful action or positive choice.

        4. Danger: A red button, often used for actions that could have negative consequences, such as deletions.

        5. Link: A button that opens a URL. This style requires the url parameter.

      2. ID: A unique identifier for the button (automatically generated).

      3. URL: The web address that the button will open when clicked. This parameter is only applicable and required if the button style is Link. It provides a way to direct users to external resources directly from the button click.

      4. Label: The text displayed on the button. This is a required field, as it informs users of the button's purpose or action. The label should be concise and clear.

      5. Emoji: An optional emoji that can be displayed on the button, adding visual interest or further context to the button's function.

    2. Select Menu: A dropdown menu for selecting options, which can be of types like text, user, role, or channel. Each select menu includes:

      • ID: A unique identifier for the select menu (automatically generated).

      • Label: A descriptive label for the select menu.

      • Options: A list of selectable options within the menu.

      • Placeholder: Text displayed when no option is selected. Optional.

      • Disabled: Whether the select menu is interactive or disabled.


Ideal for automated responses, engaging in conversations, providing information, or acknowledging messages within a channel.


  • Requires both "View Channel" and "Send Messages" permissions to reply to messages in a channel.

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