Play Audio step


The "Play Audio" step allows your automation to play audio in a specified voice channel. This functionality is useful for a variety of purposes, such as playing music, making announcements, or providing audio feedback during events.


  • Channel: Select the voice channel where the audio will be played. This field is required to direct the audio to the correct location.

  • Source:

    • URL: Provide the URL of the audio file to be played. This option is required unless a file is specified. It allows for playing audio hosted online.

    • File: Specify an audio file directly if you do not use a URL. This option is required unless a URL is provided.

  • Duration: Optionally specify maximum playback duration.


  • Connect: The bot must have permission to connect to voice channels to play audio.

  • Speak: The bot must also have permission to speak in the voice channel to output audio.

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