Message Command trigger


This trigger is activated when a specified message command is executed.


  1. Command: Define the command to trigger the response (1-32 characters).

  2. Permissions: List the permissions required to use this command. If empty, it's accessible to all users.

  3. Guild Only: Applicable only for custom bots. Enable this to restrict command use to guild channels, not DMs.


  1. User: The user who executed the command.

  2. Target: The message targeted by the command.

  3. Channel: The channel in which the command was used.

  4. Interaction: The interaction object from the command execution. This can be used to reply to the command with the 'Reply to Interaction' step.


Ideal for creating interactive message commands, allowing specific actions or responses based on selected target message.


Verify the command configuration matches the intended functionality and usage.

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