Create Event step


The "Create Event" step facilitates the creation of scheduled events within a Discord guild.


  • Guild: Specify the guild in which the event will be created. This field is required.

  • Name: Set the name of the event. The name must be between 1 and 100 characters long.

  • Description: Provide a description for the event. This is optional and can be between 1 and 1000 characters. Empty values will be treated as null.

  • Type: Choose the type of event. Options include voice, stage, and external. This selection dictates additional configuration requirements.

  • Location: For external events, specify the location. This field is required for external events and can be up to 100 characters.

  • Voice Channel: Select the voice channel for voice events. This field is shown and required if the event type is voice.

  • Stage Channel: Select the stage channel for stage events. This field is shown and required if the event type is stage.

  • Starts At: Set the start time for the event. This field is required.

  • Ends At: For external events, set the end time. This field is shown and required for external events.


  • Manage Events: The bot must have this permission to create events in the guild.


  • Event: Outputs the created event object. This variable can be used in subsequent steps to reference the event, such as updating details or sending reminders.


This step is crucial for automations related to event management within Discord communities, such as automatically scheduling events based on certain triggers.

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