Get Currency step


The "Get Currency" step is crafted to retrieve the current balance of a user's virtual currency. This functionality is essential for systems that involve currency or points, enabling users to check their balance or for automations to make decisions based on currency values.


  • Guild: Optionally specify the Discord guild from which to retrieve the currency balance. This allows the step to be flexible in targeting users across different guild contexts if not bound to a specific guild.

  • User: Identify the user whose currency balance will be fetched. This field is mandatory to ensure that the query is directed towards the correct user's currency data.


  • Value: The output variable representing the amount of currency the specified user has. This is a numerical value that reflects the user's current balance.


This step can be utilized in various scenarios, such as:

  • Allowing users to check their current currency balance through a command.

  • Facilitating conditions in automations where actions are taken based on the user's currency balance (e.g., eligibility for rewards, purchases within a virtual store).

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