Form Submitted trigger


The "Form Submitted" trigger activates when a user submits a form on the panel. When you create an automation using this trigger, an entry will be added on the Forms page on the panel.


  • Name: The name for the form. This field is required.

  • Description: A brief description of the form's purpose. Can be up to 1000 characters long.

  • Inputs: Define the inputs or questions in the form. Each input requires:

    • Key: A unique identifier for the input. Automatically generated but can be customized.

    • Name: The name of the input field. Must be between 1 and 40 characters. This field is required.

    • Schema: The type of data expected for the input (e.g., text, number, choice). Must be specified from available data types.

Forms can have up to 30 inputs, allowing for detailed and structured data collection from users.


  • User: The user who submitted the form. This variable can be used in subsequent steps to personalize responses or actions based on the user's input.

  • Inputs: A collection of the user's responses to the form inputs. This dynamic variable adapts based on the form's configuration, providing access to the submitted data for further processing or decision-making in the automation workflow.

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