Livestream Started trigger


The "Twitch Livestream Started" trigger activates when a specific Twitch broadcaster starts a livestream.


  • Broadcaster Username: Input the Twitch broadcaster's username whose livestream start events you want to monitor.


  • Stream: An object containing detailed information about the livestream that has started.

    • ID: The unique identifier of the livestream.

    • Title: The title of the livestream. This field can be null if the title is not provided.

    • Game: An object providing details about the game being streamed.

      • ID: The game's unique identifier.

      • Name: The name of the game being played.

    • Started At: The timestamp when the livestream started.

    • Is Mature: A boolean indicating whether the livestream is marked as mature content.


This trigger is essential for communities focused on Twitch streaming, allowing for real-time updates within Discord servers when a favorite broadcaster goes live. It can be used to:

  • Automatically post notifications in a dedicated Discord channel to alert members about the start of a stream.

  • Share stream details, including the game being played and whether the content is mature, to provide viewers with a clear idea of what to expect.

  • Enhance viewer engagement by facilitating quick access to the stream through posted links.

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