Get Message By ID step


The "Get Message by ID" step in FlexyBot allows you to retrieve a specific message from a channel using its unique identifier. This step is particularly useful for interactions that require referencing or acting upon a particular message.


  1. Channel: Select the channel from which the message will be retrieved. This channel should be where the message originally resides. This is a required field.

  2. Message ID: Input the unique identifier (ID) of the message you want to retrieve. The ID must correspond to a message within the selected channel. This is a required field.


  • Message: The message that matches the provided ID. This output includes all information associated with the message, such as content, author, and timestamp. The output will be empty if no matching message is found.


  • Ideal for automations that need to reference specific messages, such as for message moderation, triggering follow-up actions based on past messages, or retrieving message details for logging purposes.


  • Requires "View Channel" and "Read Message History" permissions to access the specified channel and message.

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