Get Private Channel step


The "Get Private (DM) Channel" step is exclusively available for custom bots in FlexyBot. This step retrieves the direct message (DM) channel associated with a specific user, enabling private communication or actions.


  • User: Select the user with whom the private channel is associated. This is a required field. The system will retrieve or create a DM channel for this user.


  • Channel: The retrieved or newly created private (DM) channel associated with the specified user. This output includes the channel's details, facilitating further interactions or messaging within the private channel.


  • Ideal for custom bots that need to initiate or continue private conversations with users, send direct notifications, or handle sensitive interactions in a one-on-one setting.

  • Useful for scenarios that require confidentiality or personalized communication outside of public guild channels.


  • No specific permissions are required for this step, but the bot must have at least 1 server in common with the user and user must have server DMs enabled.

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