Find Channel By Name step


This step locates a channel in a guild based on its name and type.


  1. Guild: Specify the guild to search in. This is a required field.

  2. Name: Enter the name of the channel to find. Name length should be between 1 and 32 characters. This is a required field.

  3. Type: Select the type of channel to find. Options include Text, Voice, Forum, Announcement, and Stage. This is a required field.

  4. Category: (Optional) Choose a category to only search within that category.


  • Channel: The channel that matches the search criteria. This is a nullable variable, meaning it may not return a result if no matching channel is found.


Effective for locating specific channels within a guild, especially useful in large or complex server setups.


  • Requires the "View Channel(s)" permission to search for channels.

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